How Much Time Do Muslims Waste Praying?

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I have lived my whole life as your average American.  I would listen to music; watch movies; socialize; play video games; play sports etc. All common behaviors.  All these social activities would be hit with an interruption.

Pause. We gotta pray

Time would be wasted on prayer.  After the prayer finishes, the momentum of the basketball game, video game played, even the emotional momentum we have when watching films, would get interrupted for 5-10 minutes of bullshit where a man in front mumbles Arabic and we have to follow his lead.


Brief Explanation of Prayer

There are five mandated prayers a day:

Fajr: sunrise (Average length: 5 minutes)

Zuhr: noon (Average length: 15 minutes)

Asr: shortly before sunset (Average length: 5 minutes)

Maghrib: sunset (Average length: 10 Minutes)

Isha: night (Average length: 15 minutes)

Total length of prayer for day: 50 minutes/day

Most of the social interruptions would happen around Asr which is shortly before sunset and maghrib which is sunset itself.  This is because most social gathering take place in the evening.  Once in a while Isha prayer or zuhr prayer would be disruptive (now those are so long it’s torturous.)

The reason each prayer has different time lengths is because for some reason each prayer is given different requirements in quantity of stands.

Let’s count how much time the average Muslim Life requires just to maintain some principles of faith.  I am aware that different people pray at different time lengths.  Some may take longer than the time I gave, others may be praying at high speeds. I did this based on my own lifelong experiences and observations.  I did not include extra Dua some may engage in.

The Word Problem

Abdul lives until he is 80 years old.

(I have been told that kids should be mandated to pray from the age of 7.  Others may debate me and say 10.  Let’s use the age 10 to be “lenient” on the calculations.)

Abdul lives for 80 years and prays 5 times a day every day from the age of 10.  So for 70 years he prays 5 times a day every day.  On the average day, Abdul spends 50 minutes praying all five prayers put together.  How many minutes did Abdul spend praying in his 70 years of praying altogether?

Before getting straight to the answer, I’ll write out the math.

Abdul spends 50 minutes a day praying.

There are 7 Days a week.

There are 52 weeks in a year.

There 70 years to account for.

50 x 7 x 52 x 70=1,274,000 Minutes

You heard that right: 1,274,000 Minutes

Now let’s Simplify: that’s 21,233.3333333333333333333333333 (and so on) hours.

That’s 884.7 Days

That’s 2.4 years.

Review of Calculations

Abdul Spent at least 2.4 years of 80 years praying to God.  That means he really lived 77.6 years.  Mind you I am not even counting the Tarawih prayers of Ramadan, Jummah prayers, halaqahs, milads, ICNA Outings, MSA Meetings, etc.  Those would add much more time.  But I can’t over generalize more than I already have on how the Average Muslim life is run.  Therefore I had to stick with basic common behavior like praying.

Don’t forget: I calculated based on Abdul starting at age 10 and not age 7.  So the estimates are still lenient

2.4 years is approximately 2 years and 5 months, that’s 29 months.

The Peace Corps requires at least 27 months of time.

Therefore the amount of time your devout Muslim friend takes to pray is more than a Peace Corps commitment.

While Abdul spent this much amount of time “calling God,” in the form of speaking into the air, your friend Mary the atheist utilized the same amount of time in a voluntary service learning program in Country X and hosted soccer tournaments for “At Risk Youth.”

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you tell me! Who should your God favor more?  Who’s using their time more wisely?  Who’s actually contributing to society?

Send your *Thoughts and prayers* to Mary the Atheist, be sure to mention her in your Namaaz/Salaath.

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