Shit Muslims Say To Ex Muslims [COMPLETE LIST]

(Copied and Pasted from my previous site)

When you are a Muslim critical of Islam, or the next stage: an Ex Muslim; there are many ignorant things Faithful Muslims may say.

In Ex-Muslim online spaces, I asked users what are some common things Muslims say to Ex-Muslims?  The results were overwhelming.  Many different people came in saying common things with different wording, and finding ways to relate to one another overall.  I posted every single comment word for word, so keep in mind these are comments directly out of an online forum type discussion.  Also note that some things were repeated by different people in different wording, but I kept them here anyway to emphasize how common some misconceptions are.

I grouped some of the remarks together that were very close in theme.


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  1. You left Islam to do haram things.
    1. “You gave up your soul for the pleasure of your body”
      1. “you just want to commit zina”
    2. “You just want to sin”
    3. you’re just lazy
      1. You’re afraid of the discipline it takes to be a true Muslim.
    4. “You are going to hell for indulging in riba” [the context here was buying a house on interest.]
    5. Doesn’t being an atheist mean that you don’t have to believe that it is wrong for people to steal and rape?
  2. You never really understood Islam if you left it.
    1. “If you were able to read Quran in Arabic you would understand the real Islam and not leave Islam.
      1. “You have to believe first and then understand the Quran.”
      2. It’s too deep for your shallow understanding.
      3. Classical Arabic is so hard to understand, people have a hard time translating.
      4. You can’t cherry pick ayahs and criticize Islam. They have context
      5. Read the quran with an open heart and you’ll find truth
      6. “Why not interpret the Quran in a way that you like it? Why leave it altogether?”
      7. “All religions have good and bad you can’t just focus on the bad”
      8. “You’re taking the Quran out of context. You’re being ignorant, and it is not suppose to be taken literally.”
        1. “Hang on, that ayat doesn’t mean that. Yes I know that’s what it says, but that’s not what it means.”
      9. Let us debate!….five minutes later …..I don’t have the answer to that question. You should go ask a scholar or cleric.
        1. “You should consult scholar to give you proper tafsir. They spend years understanding the ayah”
          1. “You should watch Zakir Naik videos”
          2. “You should watch nouman Ali khan. He was an atheist in college but read the Quran for himself to understand the true meaning and came back to faith”
          3. “Listen to this lecture by Sh. Salafi Al-Wahabi”
    2. You didn’t fully understand Islam
    3. “How can you leave Islam without understanding it?”
    4. You obviously didn’t know about REAL islam or else you wouldn’t have left
    5. “You don’t know real Islam”
    6. ‘You don’t know true islam because if u did u never go become exmuslim’
  3. You are just trying to be more American
    1. “You think you’re like these white people.”
      1. You hate who you are so you want to separate yourself from your background, so white people will accept you
      2. “It’s those American Christian friends of yours. You should have more Muslim friends”
      3. You only doubted islam because your western friends told you to
    2. [If you’re dating interfaith] “It’s that girl/boy you’re seeing huh? Shaytan comes in many forms
    3. “You support American culture? Where women walk around naked?”
    4. “It’s because you dormed. You went astray with all the college vice and no parents nearby”
      1. “You must have taken a philosophy class”
      2. Your non-muslim teacher did this to you.
    5. “Oh my God are you another ayaan hirsa Ali? You’re going to betray us by joining fox news aren’t you”
    6. That’s what happens when you take feminism too far!
    7. ‘only non-muslim uneducated talk rubbish about islam and they dont know anything and say nonsense about muslim and islam’
    8. You have become to westernised when you moved to [insert English speaking country], you’ve started talking like them
  4. You left Islam for money.
    1. They [The faithful] think we’re paid Zionist shills.
      1. How much did Israel pay you?
      2. You are giving the Jews a win
      3. “It’s the zionist illuminati conspiracy on TV that is getting into your brain.
    2. “You’re bought and paid for.”
    3. “You’re not actually an ex-Muslim. You’re paid to make Islam look bad.”
    4. “You may make a lot of money now, but you’ll suffer for every cent in the akhirah.”
  5. “You were never a REAL Muslim anyway.”
    1. [A former Convert to Islam was told]: “you never truly believed, if you did you couldn’t leave Islam”
      1. ‘so you never were true muslim because u don’t know true islam’
    2. “Ex Muslims are people who are un hinged from community and never truly followed Islam”
    3. “You were never a Muslim in the first place”
  6. “It’s just a phase”
    1. “Leaving religion is the fist step towards a deeper understanding of religion”
    2. You had something bad happen in your life so you’re are rebelling.
    3. I went through the “agnostic” phase too!
    4. “You’re just confused, going through a rebellious phase. You’ll come back to the faith just like everyone else.”
  7. I’ll make dua for you
    1. [Commenter said] One guy basically tried to recite the entire Surah Rahman to me saying, ” How can you deny all the favors from your lord?”
    2. “You should pray for guidance. Allah will lead you back to the path.”
    3. “Do your namaaz, fasting, read Qur’an and be a good person. Don’t go ‘too deep’. You will and have confused yourself by doing that.”
  8. Shaytan puts atheistic arguments in your head and makes it seem rational
    1. Human capacity to understand is limited. Maybe that’s why science hasn’t found heaven or hell
      1. “Science and evolution. How do you know they’re not shaytan teaching society lies?”
    2. “If Allah doesn’t bring light into your heart, you’ll never realize the truth behind the Quran.”
    3. Allah made people like you to test our resolve in the faith
      1. “We know what games you’re playing you (exmuslim) people”
      2. “I know who are your masters”
      3. “You are trying to create fitna”
    4. [This is] Proof day of judgment is near
    5. “The TV is changing you!”
    6. “Happiness is not for this life, happiness is for the hereafter. This is just a test. We suffer and struggle now so that we can be rewarded later. I fear for you and am afraid if you do not come back to Islam we will not be together in the afterlife!”
    7. “Yes I believe Muhammad spoke to an angel in a cave and went on a flying horse to jerusalem, pfft”
    8. “You’re possessed by a jinn”
      1. That is not you. That is Shaytan speaking through you
      2. It’s OK, I think I understand. It isn’t you, it is a Jinn doing waswasa into your ears
  9. [When I bring up indigenous communities of Pacific Islands and the Americas] 
    “Don’t worry about them. Allah knows their fate. Just pray”
  10. *Commenter said* They [the faithful] don’t say anything, there is a “swish” sound in the air and then your head is rolling down the hill.
  11. “You’ll be back one day when you have kids”
  12. Your faith (emaan) is weak
    1. [C] When I expressed doubts about Islam one person said to me “you didn’t ground and solidify your faith enough. That’s why you lost it”.
    2. “It’s all about faith.”
    3. “Allah guides whom he wills, and misguides whom he will, but you’re still going to hell”
    4. “You are deaf, dumb and blind, just like the Quran said”
  13. You left Islam because of your culture, not religion
    1. “You think you’re too good for the religion of your parents and grandparents.”
      1. “You only left because you hate your parents
      2. Your parents were abusive and you confused them with Allah”
      3. Your family were too conservative, too strict!
      4. “Your parents were too harsh”
    2. “You don’t hate Islam…you hate the Muslims. That is not true Islam.
    3. “You are focusing on culture and not the true Islam”
  14. *passive aggressively tries to convince you to go on a trip to ICNA*
  15. “Are you coming to pray?”
    *Commenter said* I get so much satisfaction when I see their expressions after saying “no, I don’t want to pray”
  16. you’re not Somali if you’re not Muslim
    1. An exmuslim Arab? But…how?!?!?!
  17. My [The Commenter] sister in law about my wife: “Has she thought about her death? Is her dear husband going to cremate her?”
  18. “this is why it’s so important to have a Muslim family otherwise you don’t have anyone to guide you in your times of crisis”.
  19. So you don’t believe in the afterlife? In miracles? Astaghferuallah, brother! Be careful lest you go to hell!!!
  20. Come on now, even you have to admit that the world needs religion and spirituality.
  21. your wife is now halal for the taking
  22. “There are scientific miracles in the Quran, how could you deny it?”
    1. If God doesn’t exist, then who created the universe?
  23. “I want to kill you”
    1. “I don’t want to kill you of course, but in a perfect Islamic state it would be fine. It’s not a barbaric injustice because you would have 3 days to repent”
  24. You looked so much prettier in hijab


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10 thoughts on “Shit Muslims Say To Ex Muslims [COMPLETE LIST]

  1. “If you were able to read Quran in Arabic you would understand the real Islam and not leave Islam.

    Actually, you will only understand better how fucked up it is!

    Ex Arab Muslim 🙂


      1. You just showed us that any real (faithful) muslim is a huge douchebag to anyone and anything that is not islamic. Especially de-ceonverts. …and then you clal him a bigot…

        Are you retarded or is this simply a lefttarded conflict in your brain?


      2. Fancy choice of words there. It’s obvious that you read.
        I showed that some Muslims have cognitive dissonance around the idea that people can leave their “perfect” faith. So they resort to ad hominem


  2. When I debate three guys about the oppressive Arab colonisation and Jizya tax. “Islam expansion made the world a better place. You’re a product of western ideology with a weak understanding of sharia law”


    1. Muslims are so divided and segregated. They only care for their own kind, no wonder the majority are against muslims. Glad i left Islam


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