When Prophets Get High: Part 1

(Copied and Pasted from my previous site)

I once overheard a Youtube video of Nouman Ali Khan preaching.  In the video he was speaking about the story of Prophet Musa (also known as Moses.)  He said how Moses went to the mountain alone one day and heard God speak to him.  He added a humane effect to Moses by making him a relatable character.  He asked the audience “imagine you heard voices in the dark, imagine the fright you’d feel” then went on to bring up how he pulls pranks on his students, relatives, children etc. (Of course, the preacher we can all relate to right?)  Nouman then brought this attention back to Moses and said he too felt fear, but it was God revealing himself; saying “I alone should be worshiped, become my slave, I am your owner” among other important details.

He utilized his signature technique: he told the story in a way that the audience can relate to it.  He spoke about the idea of being star struck when we see a celebrity; feelings that even he has when he meets with preachers he’s a fan of.  He then said “imagine you were speaking with Allah, the creator of the entire universe.”

So one of the key points of telling this story is how marvelous the Experience of Moses, a human being like you and me, is for having been introduced to God that way.  He would leave his family to go to the mountains to talk to God.

Here’s the point I’m trying to make.

Why do people of contemporary times great educational resources believe in such illogical fairy tales of thousands of years ago as the literal truth?  If in modern times we believe there is a supernatural occurrence; somebody else debunks it using science.  You think you’re possessed? Try seeing a psychiatrist for Epilepsy.  You think psychics can see into the future and “magically” get to know your entire life without you telling them?  Look into the psychology of cold reading.  You think you saw a ghost in your backyard?  No it was possibly the shadow of your neighbor walking and your imagination influenced by your exposure to horror stories.

When it comes to these stories, that happened thousands of years ago; somehow people believe it.  I don’t get it. WHY?

Let’s ask a few more questions: why did such godly miracles that are mentioned in the religious texts happen before the Quran was written and not after?  Why were individuals such as Prophets given unique powers before Quran and not after?  I understand the reasoning was to show off God’s ability to empower his favorites, but why not now?  With secularism and apathy towards religion on a vast rise, don’t you think sorcerers and miracles would be useful now?  Like, gee I would love to see a sorcerer preach to me, hear my arguments, then ask God to Strike around me with lightning to make a point, and for it to happen.  Sure then I’ll call it a coincidence; but then maybe he can have God do some epic shit, like have a satchel fall from the sky with a credit card from an account with infinite amount of money, or you know: have characters from books come to life with their powers (Harry Potter duels Gandalf Anybody?)

Why are we only left…. With books that became outdated within a few centuries of their birth?

And in fact, here’s a challenge.  If these miracles and God’s ability to show off to whip us into shape does exist.  Then I challenge God to:

  • strike me down now with lightning right now.
  • have a pigeon deliver a million dollars to my window
  • force me to write “I testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger” in this blog and publish it (like God can do that right?)

Okay I’ll count down from 10 in this blog right now.  And at least one of these things should happen.  Should they happen: I will immediately start praying five times a day, and change this blog entirely to a blog which will attempt to convert you to God’s ways.

Ready here goes:











I testify that there is… (scroll down)

Must… control…. will… I feel God striking Ahhhh

Haha Just kidding.

So why don’t these miracles occur post revelation?  And by miracles I don’t mean the bull crap we hear about with perfectly rational explanation.  I mean things that are impossible to explain.  Like Moses splitting the red sea, Muhammad flying with angels to heaven, Abraham standing in raging fire without burning, etc.  Maybe because they simply aren’t real.

Now let’s assume there was a Moses.  And he actually claimed he went to the mountain every day to talk to God.  And he claimed he split the red sea while fleeing the Pharoah.

That brings out another question: how are we so sure he wasn’t hallucinating the voice in the mountain? And he was swimming/boating through the sea but was under such a hallucination that he felt he was splitting it.

Now if he is so sure he did all this instead of the more rational versions of things, I have but one final question:

What CRAZY DANK SHIT was he smoking that he was tripping out of his mind and hearing voices in the mountains?


2 thoughts on “When Prophets Get High: Part 1

  1. WHY would people even believe in a ‘God’ who wanted slaves and worship him?

    As I am understanding it from my research, in mythologies both occidental and oriental have written myths which personify psychedelic fungi, this applies to Dionysos, Jesus, Indra, Shiva, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl etc etc. When this becomes a problem is when the ones writing it and believing it have a ritualistic mindset and assume that these fungi did not seed themselves naturally (They didn’t have microscopic technology to detect spores), and so from this ignore-ant assumption they fashioned their myths that ‘spirit’ had descended into ‘matter’/nature and became trapped, and so these ‘gods’/fungi came down to liberate them. For the monotheistic mindset this was ‘God’, and for their enemies, the Luciferians, it was ‘Satan/Lucifer’, coming to liberate them by giving them occult, and technological knowledge so they could control the natural world and others.

    The REAL enemy (as they see it, because they are divided from their own nature and the natural and world and so see all that as monsters to be constantly defeated)of both these mindsets is of course the Old Religion of the Great Mother which was not/is not dualistic and so would not divide and ‘above’ from Earth, and eating her sacred fruit was not some quest to escape nature, but to enter deeply into the wonders of this amazing mystery which includes life, death and regeneration~~~


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