Double Standards: Salon The Christophobe

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What is

Salon is a liberal media outlet gaining popularity and has caught my attention recently.  They do well in speaking for victims and I greatly commend them for defending Muslims against bigotry in the Western societies.  Coming from a Muslim American family, I have been witness firsthand to many instances of Anti-Muslim bigotry, even against me.

For this, I am grateful to Salon.

Despite this appreciation, I must say this, Salon has been incredibly dishonest, unfair and biased when it comes to Islam, the doctrine of beliefs, the set of ideas of 1.6 billion people.  As a private organization, they are entitled to employ whichever narrative they see fit in their writing.  However, because their writing is slowly entering mainstream popularity it is our responsibility as readers to identify how problematic and unfair some of their patterns can be.

Islamophobia Versus Anti-Muslim Bigotry

We should stop using the term Islamophobia.  Islamophobia literally means “fear of Islam.”  It is a word commonly used for bigotry against Muslims.  However, because the Islamophobia has the term Islam in it, it is often used to condemn and silence any criticism of Islam.  Islam is a set of ideas, a doctrine, hypothesis, that people subscribe to.  And like any other set of ideas, it should be open to criticism.  Muslims are people who believe in Islam with varying interpretations all around the world.  People should not be subject to bigotry for the religion they choose.  Islam and Muslims are not the same thing.

Salon and Islamophobia

While trying to defend Muslims from bigotry and prejudice, Salon defends Islam as well.  Any critic Of Islam and Muhammad, gets called an Islamophobe.  Salon labels Richard Dawkins an Islamophobe for speaking out against Islamism and the effect Islam has on the world.  They also label “New Atheists” Islamophobes for speaking out about the effect Islam has on the psychology of Radicalized Extremists.

New Atheists are a group of atheists who publicly advocate for atheism and secular democracies. They are openly critical of the Quran, and features of Muhammad’s life available in Hadith and early biographies as problematic if they are not open to scrutiny, because they have a great influence over Islamist Extremist Ideology today.  Because of that, they are called “Islamophobes” by Salon which is a word tied together with Anti-Muslim Bigotry.

Salon and Christianity

Salon has no issue criticizing Christianity.  Want proof?

The first two articles point out violence in the Bible, and the last article is a critique of the existence of Jesus.  They are fair articles.  They are sound, honest readings of the Bible.  I truly enjoyed the skepticism of Jesus’s existence.  The existence of Jesus has been a debate between faithful Christians and Skeptics of the faith for a very long time.  I welcome it.  No harm, no foul.

The Double Standard

Would an Islamic version of the articles ever be accepted?  Would we be allowed to point out Quran’s violence?  Or is that Islamophobia?

The article referring to Quran’s critics (mentioned above) is very problematic.  It is a video link.  The thumbnail of the video is a staged image of a nun holding a cross and pointing a gun.  When you play the video, the first half of the video is about Muslims being discriminated against in Western societies, and Muslim apologist preachers claiming that Islam means peace and is a religion of peace.  The second half of the video goes straight into biblical verses that are very violent.

If I had an article about Christians being marginalized in Islamic societies around the world, how Christianity is a religion of peace, and then highlighted the violence in the Quran, would it be Islamophobia?  If I criticize Muhammad and his influence on Islamists, am I a bigot?

Some may read that question and respond

“Well Christians aren’t at risk of being persecuted for their beliefs in The United States and they have White Christian Privilege.  Criticizing Islam, the religion of Muslims, creates stereotypes that make the Muslim minority seem violent and justifies discrimination against them for the common person.”

No.  Here’s why.

According to Open Doors, a Christian advocacy NGO, 9 out of the top 10 countries that have the worst forms of persecution against Christians are Muslim Majority countries.  The only country in that list that is not a Muslim majority country is North Korea.  So these 9 Muslim Majority countries are in league with North Korea in persecution of religious minorities.  Let’s take the above response to my questions, and replace the words around:

“Well Muslims aren’t at risk of being persecuted for their beliefs in Somalia and they have Muslim Privilege.  Criticizing Christianity, the religion of Christians creates stereotypes that make all of the Christian minorities seem violent and it justifies discrimination against them for the common person.”

So to my readers: is Salon, with their criticism of Christian ideals and the Bible to defend Muslim minorities, purposely calling for potential readers in Somalia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Nigeria, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Qatar, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Djibouti, Palestinian Territories, Brunei, ETC. to demonize all their fellow Christians and continue to harass them for having a certain faith?  Is this the staff of Salon’s intention?  Are they Christophobes?

Let’s reverse it: Are Maajid Nawaz, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Raheel Raza, Maryam Namazie purposely trying to victimize Muslims in the United States, United Kingdom, and the rest of Western Europe when they criticize Islamic Doctrine and its connection to Islamic Extremism?

I’ll answer for you: No. Criticizing a set of ideas is not the same as victimizing the population that adheres to all or a segment of the ideas.  Just as some of my readers may scoff at the term Christophobia,  I welcome you to view Islamophobia as the same.  Let’s call it Anti Muslim/Christian Bigotry.

My Question To Salon is this:  Will you allow Ex Muslims to have a voice in your outlet?  Are you ready to give a voice to the minority within the Muslim minority?

What do you think? Feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to follow this site, follow my twitter @secularbrownie and my Facebook for updates and cool articles!

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