Observations of Muslim Misconceptions of Ex Muslims: The Internal Defense System of Faithful Muslims

(Copied and Pasted from my previous site)

When you become indoctrinated into faith of religion and God in any way, you develop ways to defend that faith internally from skepticism.  You research highly knowledgeable preachers being asked the same tough questions you are asked or ask yourself: “Who created Allah?  Why did Prophet Muhammad have sex with 9 year old?  If men get 72 virgins in heaven what do women get? ”  These preachers give you an answer that you may not feel subconsciously satisfied with, but you tell yourself that these people know better, and this answer will work in those fierce debates with Atheists and other Non-Muslims.

The following are quotes from a recent article I wrote: “Things Faithful Muslims Say To Ex Muslims.”

Shaytan puts atheistic arguments in your head and makes it seem rational

  1. Human capacity to understand is limited. Maybe that’s why science hasn’t found heaven or hell
    1. “Science and evolution. How do you know they’re not shaytan teaching society lies?”
  2. “If Allah doesn’t bring light into your heart, you’ll never realize the truth behind the Quran.”
  3. Allah made people like you to test our resolve in the faith
    1. “We know what games you’re playing you (exmuslim) people”
    2. “I know who are your masters”
    3. “You are trying to create fitna”
  4. [This is] Proof day of judgment is near
  5. “The TV is changing you!”
  6. “Happiness is not for this life, happiness is for the hereafter. This is just a test. We suffer and struggle now so that we can be rewarded later. I fear for you and am afraid if you do not come back to Islam we will not be together in the afterlife!”
  7. “Yes I believe Muhammad spoke to an angel in a cave and went on a flying horse to jerusalem, pfft”
  8. “You’re possessed by a jinn”
    1. That is not you. That is Shaytan speaking through you

As you will see from these quotes, there is a general denial of logic, critical thinking etc.  According to a faithful Muslim, thinking critically is supposed to lead to Islamic faith because that is Allah’s righteous path.  When your critical thinking leads to doubt of Islam, you are perceived as someone who is intellectually corrupted by Shaytan and lost.

Even if you show a faithful Muslim that it is morally unsound that God Asked Abraham to slaughter his son in the middle of the desert or that Prophet Muhammad clearly borrowed ideas from his exchanges with Monotheists he would meet in his journey; the Muslim aggressively denies these possibilities.  They will tell you that God simply wanted to test Abraham’s faith and dedication and in the end, Abraham’s resolve proved strong and his son was switched with a lamb anyway.  They will tell you that Jewish and Christian texts were originally aligned with the Quran because God had sent it to them as such, but people have distorted them and began calling themselves; Jews and Christians.

A faithful Muslim clings to their belief so aggressively that they will call scientists who search for scientific discovery, and attempt to answer existential questions using evidence agents of Shaytan.  They will label their own critical thinking as Satanic and internally shame themselves for thinking freely.

It’s as if they have a defense system set up internally.  They have traps for every ounce of doubt.

Commencing Lockdown sequence… “Why did Allah allow my mother to be raped in front of my very eyes when I was 3 years old and my father to be castrated in the same event?”

Code red. Status: Answer available.

Answer: “Allah does things which we can not understand as humans.  Maybe there is a larger picture for mom.  She did become faithful afterwards didn’t she?  Because she remained faithful in such a difficult experience, she is rewarded more by Allah.  You should thank Allah for giving her such a test and preventing your father from potentially committing adultery.  Now you can enjoy in heaven yay!”

“Oh… yeah that works!”


You’ll see from the above list many irrational claims: conspiracy theories of Ex Muslims being part of an Anti-Islamic plan, accusations of the Ex Muslim at hand being possessed by a Jinn, degrading human intellect: calling human intellect too limited to truly understand the universe therefore we could not see heaven or Hell.  Some even said that Ex Muslims’ existence is proof the day of judgment is near.

They will tell themselves all these irrational, illogical things, take large leaps of faith just to maintain their attachment to their deity that they were brainwashed into.

I remember when I was religious, I was a philosopher type.  So I would attempt to answer questions of “Where God Comes from” using logic while still remaining within the tenets of faith.  I am still impressed by some of my attempts even now.  I am very impressed with 15-19 year old me, religious but making sense of it.  Though I would put up similar intellectual barriers back then, calling doubt as a Satanic temptation and whisper.  In that sense, I had limited my exploration (at that time.)

What is the point of this?  To dissect some of these claims made by Muslims that really prove their internalized denial as a result of being brainwashed by the masses.  The truth is, it is pointless to have rational debates with Irrational people.  You can bring up science, then they will say “well it’s all speculation, like religion.”  They are so used to treating religion like religion, that they treat science like religion and not like science.

My question is why?  Why give life to a deity that we can not prove even exists?  Why not let yourself think freely and think critically?  That… is for another time.

As I end this observation of these quotes by Muslims, I’d like to refer you to two other articles of mine that are relevant:

The Ex Muslim Threat To Muslim Society

When Prophets Get High Part 1

7 thoughts on “Observations of Muslim Misconceptions of Ex Muslims: The Internal Defense System of Faithful Muslims

  1. Looks like you have a lot of dumb Muslims in your life. That’s unfortunate. That’s the problem with the Muslim world. Lack of critical thought and discourse. If your quoted exchanges are real then you’ve dealt with people that have done a disservice to themselves and you by using unintelligent arguments.

    One can be Muslim and be happy. Life’s a test whether you’re Muslim or not. It’s not like a pot of money falls out of the sky upon renouncing Islam. Bills still gotta be paid. People still have to eat.

    People do bad things to people. Why does anyone want to blame Allah? We’re quick to take credit when things go well but blame Allah when things go poorly. People in general and Muslims specifically need to own up to our faults.

    Why do we insist on a conflict between God and science? Big Bang theory? Sure. Someone had to put all that matter there and make it go boom. Otherwise we defy our fundamental laws that we 1. cannot create matter and 2. objects at rest remain at rest unless an outside force disturbs them.

    Unfortunately if your whole life has involved being around Muslims that know so little as to not be able to articulate Islamic thought to you then you’ve unfortunately been at a disservice. That’s the root of contemporary Muslim issues.


    1. It seems like you’re in denial the religion itself has any real flaws and it’s the practitioners who mess it up lol. And you seem to have issues with others who simply decide this isn’t for them? That’s the undertone I’m getting. The religion isn’t universal. It’s an outdated hypothesis that a large population subscribes to (with varying degrees of interpretations) and the hypothesis makes claims of universality as well. That was my initial issue with Islam, the claims of universality. The more i study it now and its varying interpretations the more i realize it’s not for me

      As far as the “dumb Muslims” they’re not dumb Muslims they’re quite knowledgeable about scriptures, Muhammed, history etc. It’s just when you’re a Muslim you cling to the assumption that Islam is the ultimate truth and you tend to do research around that assumption and to justify it.
      Trust me, I’ve been there. When i was more religious i did extensive amount of research


    2. And the questions about big bang you put forth are part of the intelligent design debate. You can’t argue for intelligent design then make a mental leap to Islam, an organized religion which was a construct of its time being the universal doctrine


      1. Why not? What’s the issue with that? There’s nothing in the Islamic consensus that should make the belief in a created world at odds with the belief in the Big Bang theory. What religious text tells us in any detail exactly how or how long things took for life to arrive as it is now? And I can say Islamic specifically versus Christianity or Judaism which have notions of the world being only 10000 years old despite the science. I know of no Islamic source that’s ever tried to place an age for life as we know it. No system is ever a completely closed loop system. There’s always an input. Why can’t one believe that God created a bunch of elements and gases and placed them under extreme pressure then decided to make it go boom and voila we have the universe or multiverse as we have it now? In a different example, Islam teaches me Allah created the heart. Modern science teaches me how it operates and maybe how it forms in the womb. No conflict between the two. But some people have a world view that religion and science are somehow diametrically opposed. That’s a mistake. People are always going to have a world view or datum from which they will interpret things. That’s whether you’re Muslim or atheist or whoever. But if your world view is that all religion is fundamentally at odds with all science then I can say that your world view is wrong. And for that, it’s worth trying to persuade people to change the frame from which they interpret life, including religious scripture.


      2. Well. That’s your choice. I respect that. Before allowing a 1400 year old scripture dictate the details of your life why not honestly scrutinize it? And i mean examine every possible criticism of Islamic scriptures, check out the masked Arab “why i left Islam” YouTube video or cemb_admin YouTube page. Those videos are sound criticisms that don’t get into hatred. Allow your choice of moral subscription in life to be scrutinized before you choose it.
        Like for example you’re criticizing my views in the book review. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’m doing extensive research on tafsirs throughout history and i know I’ll run into your views 🙂

        So let’s get into why jumping from intelligent design to organized religion is… silly. It’s your decision. But i think it’s a silly decision. Here’s why: Islam proclaims itself as the ultimate morality of the entire world and universe. But it’s born into a very specific context. I respect that context that’s why i don’t Call Islam an evil religion or the prophet an evil man. My parents are Muslim. Their Islam is very peaceful and devout.

        But the jump from intelligent design to organized religion is a leap of faith. You can’t just say “well scientists don’t know what was before the big bang” and then jump to “that answer i plug in before the big bang. It wants me to pray” and not call it a leap of faith. Just admit it’s a leap of faith.

        Islam isn’t universal because it doesn’t apply to everybody. Fasting rulings are specific to certain geographies because the sun takes 6 months to rise in certain communities around the world. You may respond by saying “scholars x and y help them out with rulings.” That doesn’t take away from the fact that original scriptures do not consider humans living in these conditions capable of being Muslim. Because Muhammed didn’t know or wasn’t concerned.
        Same with dress code. The quran makes the woman’s bosom a sexualized Organ to be covered whereas in indigenous communities women walk around topless and function sufficiently in society. The notion of sexuality and how the human body is viewed in those communities is completely different from the Islamic one, yet Islam proclaims itself as universal for all of humanity.

        But anyways, i don’t have any real issue with you. From what i understand you have a pacifist understanding of the Quran and i value that.

        Feel free to respond. Be aware that i may not respond because i don’t really like fussing through comments.

        Thanks for following me. I’ll follow you back. And i look forward to maybe expressing disagreements throughout posts? Either way we both acknowledge Islamic extremists are messed up folk whose ideology needs to be checked and should refute it together 😉 both from within Islam (you) and external (me)

        People who have never been or aren’t Muslim won’t understand the extremists relationship to their faith like you and i do


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