A Man Interrogated Islamic Extremists In Person About 72 Virgins


Photo Credits: Down Trend

So I’m reading Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here By Karima Bennoune.  She interviews Muslims who are challenging Islamic Extremism’s influence through maintaining their individuality and fighting for justice.  I found one interesting incident, about a former radio talk show host in Algeria who directly defied Islamists.  Look below:12592363_10153467716991615_5895144748333822144_n

Allalou was brave.  We all wonder, “I wonder if I can directly make fun of an Islamic Extremist about their delusional hope for one large virgin orgy after they blow themselves up.”  But we never do it.  In some of our experiences, we may be privileged to live in a society that is free from abundant Islamic extremism.  In others, the Islamic extremism may be the local repressive authority and it’s quite frightening to mock them in such a way.

In Allalou’s 1990’s Algerian context, it was a slowly developing influence.  He got the mic, and straight up asked him: “do women get laid in heaven too?”  For that, the Islamists attacked him.  They felt insecure about their inability to answer and their masculinity threatened. So in order to validate their own faith and masculinity to themselves, the Islamists’ decided to attack the rational mind.

Side Note For My Muslim Women:

If you’re a Muslim woman reading this, enjoy your Muslimah pride and all; but you’ve been severely wronged.  What will you get?  You have so much more obligations and restrictions, and you’re trying to live optimally.  Even after this added layer of hard work called a male-dominated society, the men are still the ones getting laid in heaven.  Isn’t that just so unfair?  Does the Quran even consider your sexual needs?  You don’t get more than one husband but they get more than one wife.  Imagine you die as a virgin?  That means you’d be a virgin for eternity.  You should really ask your sheikh all these questions.  Watch him say “it’s okay women get eternal food, the love of their husband and family, and the chance to hang out with Allah.”

In Order to add to this humor, I decided I wanted to add some images just to emphasize how ridiculous it is that Muslim men have this delusion that they need to be religious in this life to get laid in the next life:


Photo Credits: The Federalist Papers


Photo Credits: SkepChick


Photo Credit: MadJayMon




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6 thoughts on “A Man Interrogated Islamic Extremists In Person About 72 Virgins

  1. The memes were damn funny, and yeah that is a question even my religious cousins asked and they were told that if you are a perfect Islamic wife here, your husband will accompany you in the Hereafter.


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