The Osama Bin Laden Themed Bar in Brazil

In Brazil there is an Osama Bin Laden Themed Bar called Bar Do Bin Laden.

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Bar Origins

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, there was a rumor that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

This rumor had negative consequences for Ceara Francisco Helder Helder Braga Fernandes, a bar owner who has a striking resemblance to Bin Laden.  People would often mistake him for Osama Bin Laden and report it to the authorities  After receiving widespread popularity, the owner decided to embrace the resemblance and change the theme of his bar and name it Bar Do Bin Laden.

Below is a slideshow of some images from Bar Do Bin Laden’s Tumblr Page:

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Despite reports that there is a slowly developing presence of Islamic Extremism in Brazil, there has never been an attack on Brazilian soil by Militant Islamist Organizations.  The fear for such an attack is not as abundant in Brazil than in other countries like United States or United Kingdom.

As an advocate for freedom of speech, I find this hilarious.  Bin Laden’s life’s work was to centralize the global Jihadi network and spread Muslim fundamentalist views worldwide.  These views include preventive measures against fornication/adultery such as gender segration and limitations of women’s expression in public; the prohibition of alchohol; etc.  However in the photos you will see that the doppelganger openly poses with “uncovered” women who aren’t his relatives, and is selling/surrounded by alchohol.

The Brazilian desensitization to the Islamist threat allows Fernandes to push boundaries in a way that would be highly controversial in the United States/Europe.  Let’s re-examine one of the photos.


In this photo, Fernandes is dressed as Osama Bin Laden and is posing with a woman who seems to be in a burqa, and they openly kiss in front of the camera.  This public display of affection is an extreme taboo of your average Muslim society, even in the United States.  And for a woman to wear a burqa for satirical purposes is completely unacceptable.

If this bar were open in the United States or United Kingdom, it would be subject to criticism from the Muslim community as “Islamophobic”; branded by the far left social justice warriors as cultural appropriation; and be subject to a bomb attack by militant Islamists.

Though it may be offensive to Muslims, I can’t help but find it hilarious.  I mean look at this video:


The thought of the Jihadi mastermind enthusiastically encouraging a (woman) customer to chug an alchoholic drink is brilliantly satirical.

Let’s just hope Brazil remains Islamism-Free.

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