The Quran’s Failure To Directly Address Women

With the exception of two verses directed at wives of the Prophet, the Quran never speaks directly to women.  Women are referred to in the third person in the Quran.  They are either addressed through “men and women,” or “your wives, your daughters, your mothers” etc. Click to keep on reading!

Subtle Racism in the Quran and Hadith?

Disclaimer:  This is in no way, an attempt to police language in the name of political correctness.  Consider this a way to reach out to the largest defendants against critics of Islam:  radical left wing activists through their own rhetoric.  Enjoy.


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Dark/Light Vocabulary

Traditionally, the terms light and white have been meant to signify pure, savior, clean, etc.  The terms black and darkness have been attributed to evil and had grim connotations.  In contemporary times, there have been many activists and writers that spoke about this.  Try these articles for example: Click to keep on reading!

How Much Time Do Muslims Waste Praying?

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I have lived my whole life as your average American.  I would listen to music; watch movies; socialize; play video games; play sports etc. All common behaviors.  All these social activities would be hit with an interruption.

Pause. We gotta pray

Time would be wasted on prayer.  After the prayer finishes, the momentum of the basketball game, video game played, even the emotional momentum we have when watching films, would get interrupted for 5-10 minutes of bullshit where a man in front mumbles Arabic and we have to follow his lead.

n00021501-bBrief Explanation of Prayer

There are five mandated prayers a day:

Fajr: sunrise (Average length: 5 minutes)

Zuhr: noon (Average length: 15 minutes)

Asr: shortly before sunset (Average length: 5 minutes)

Maghrib: sunset (Average length: 10 Minutes)

Isha: night (Average length: 15 minutes)

Total length of prayer for day: 50 minutes/day

Most of the…

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