Episode 5: Conversation with @TheExmuslima

Check out this video of a conversation between “The Ex-Muslima” and I.  She discusses her apostasy; challenges around bisexuality; and her thoughts on Western Muslim Feminism.

TheExMuslima Info:


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7 thoughts on “Episode 5: Conversation with @TheExmuslima

      1. Sorry missed this message. I am not conversant with this site yet 🙂
        Would love to. I’ve had the honor of speaking with TheSkepticfeminist on 2 occasions if you are interested in my content or subject matter expertise lol


  1. She is fantastic isn’t she? With regards to the wig, and eyebrows it’s taghyir khilat allah. Changing or modifying Allah’s creation. Incredibly asinine


    1. This is my email. I am very cautious as my family has threatened honor killing. I’d love to work with you. What are you thinking? I’m new to this 🙂


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