Muslim Woman Played The “Misinterpretation Card”

The Twitter page @exmuslimbecause began to revive the #exmuslimbecause.  As expected, Muslims did not appreciate this hashtag very much because it offended their faith.  So they began to tweet sarcastic remarks under the #.  Others attempted to disagree with and challenge the #.

One young woman and I had a brief exchange in the midst of this.  I will paste the screen shots below.  I kept her username and photo out to maintain her anonymity because I would much rather focus on discussing her thought than single her out and bully her.  #realtalkScreenshot_2016-05-21-01-24-22-12016-05-21 01.40.242016-05-21 02.06.14IMG_20160521_012102IMG_20160521_012105-12016-05-21 02.15.532016-05-21 02.07.172016-05-21 02.06.492016-05-21 02.15.30


It is clear she did not want to continue the conversation.  Therefore the conversation ended there.  It is clear she wanted to be left alone.  One can wonder though: Why did she want to stop talking as soon as she was challenged?  Was she uncomfortable around evidence?  Would evidence force her to confront her inner doubts?

Or maybe she just simply wanted to be left alone.  Which is reasonable.

Let’s discuss what happened.  A woman disagreed with the notion that men and women in Islam are unequal.  When I provided her clear evidence of inequalities and the scriptures actually belittling women’s intellect, she cried “misinterpretation.”  That card is commonly used when Muslims are confronted with the darker side of scriptures.  As soon as she used that card she insisted on ending the conversation.

This is a common sense of denial we see in Western Muslims.  They convince themselves that Islam is an egalitarian and peaceful religion.  When confronted with evidence that disproves this perception of Islam, they don’t want to confront it and charge you with misinterpreting/”twisting” the texts.

I speculate that they use this cop out because they subconsciously realize the literal world of the scripture can be really displeasing.  So they want to brand all the displeasing parts of scripture as “metaphors.”

This denial makes it really difficult to have meaningful dialogue with the Muslims in the west on advocating Islamic reform.  They refuse to acknowledge there’s something wrong with the scriptures in the first place.


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2 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Played The “Misinterpretation Card”

  1. Great article. I have run into this often.

    Another common cop out is “a Muslim scholar would have to answer that” as if there is a good explanation for “killing disbelievers wherever you find them”, or beating your wife for showing arrogance.

    Muslims are simply terrorized into defending their religion just like regressive liberals are too terrorized to criticize it.


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  2. Very good article. I too have run into this “Islam is really peaceful and egalitarian” followed by accusations of “misinterpretation”, followed by “I refuse to discuss this anymore” many times. I believe that you are right in asserting that most Muslims have been terrorized into submerging their reasonable doubts about the religion and defending it at all costs. Then, when they are shown how truly indefensible many of its doctrines are, they disengage from the topic – again out of terror. Can we blame them? Is exposing the lie of Islam worth risking your life for? Many individuals would say it isn’t. I just wish Muslims would not waste everyone’s time by trying to rationalize and defend this totalitarian cult to begin with. Better yet, just admit privately that Islam is false and leave it quietly.


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