Episode 19: Feminist MTV Hires Sexual Slavery Apologist Karim Metwaly


MTV Decoded, a show for social justice sympathizers focused on Intersectional Feminism, hires Karim Metwali, who defended sexual slavery in Islam.  Check out the video below for more.


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One thought on “Episode 19: Feminist MTV Hires Sexual Slavery Apologist Karim Metwaly

  1. No surprise here. Muslims constantly engage in this sort of hypocritical justification and hedging. Secretly they are ashamed of the many horrid things that Islam teaches, but still can’t bring themselves to reject those doctrines. To reject ANY part of Islam is to reject the whole, making you an apostate. And apostates, of course, can be executed. Here we see the results of brainwashing from childhood at their starkest and most disturbing.

    And he DARES to theorize that the captive women had fallen in love with their captors!!!???.Seriously? Muhammad RAPED a woman on the very day that he murdered both her husband and her father! How could she have possibly fallen in love with him under those circumstances?

    The only thing more appalling than the brutal doctrines of Islam are the apologists who will go to any disgusting lengths to justify those doctrines. That and the members of the regressive left who defend those same doctrines in the name of multiculturalism and cultural relativism. I myself am a social liberal, but I recognize a deadly danger to humanity when I see it. Islam must change or die.


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