Episode 20: “Whoever Takes a Life, It’s As If He’s Killed All Humanity.”


In the video below I go into a famous quote from the Quran Muslims refer to after terror attacks.  Here’s a hint: they severely misquote it.  I also wrote about this verse here.  Enjoy!


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One thought on “Episode 20: “Whoever Takes a Life, It’s As If He’s Killed All Humanity.”

  1. At last, someone willing to be honest about this abused verse and its traditional interpretation. With such a broad view of what constitutes “corruption” sura 532 simply becomes a license for devout Muslims to attack and even kill non-Muslims. After all, these “idolators” worship other gods, stand up to Muslim aggression and demands, commit adultery in their private lives, etc. Yes, we are all delighted that modern “moderate” Muslims do not interpret 5:32 in this way, but the fact remains that orthodox Muslims take their stand with the likes of Ibn Kathir. That is a major problem for the world, and it will not disappear simply because the moderates are in denial about it.

    The one thing this commentator neglected to mention is that this idea of killing one person means killing all of humanity was plagiarized wholesale from the Jewish Talmud. Yet another proof that Islam is a manmade religion.


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