The Imaginary Friend of Faithful Muslims (Or Captor?)

Child with Imaginary Friend, From Psych2Go

As the oldest sibling there were a few years in my early childhood that I had nobody to play with. So I would run from one end of my parents’ apartment to the next fighting with my imaginary friends.  Boy was I good at martial arts… in my own imagination of course.

We would play power Rangers. I would even lose the battle sometimes and “die.” This is all on home video footage and it’s a very cute memory. It certainly influences my imagination for the rest of my life and even today.

I was 2-5 years old.

I still see adults in my family, my peers, as well as some of yours, with complete functioning minds of their own, impose a daily schedule where they have to talk to their imaginary friend five times a day. Their conversation with the imaginary friend isn’t as friendly as mine was, it relies on submission and giving this imaginary friend the role of a tyrant with legitimate authority.  This imaginary authority threatens to punish and torture us all for eternity if we don’t praise it five times a day every single day (among many other requirements.)

According to some math I have done in the past, they spend in total 2.4 years of their lives talking to this imaginary friend if they live for 80 years, and begin their routine from ages 10-80.

They give legitimate authority to an imaginary tyrant. Can you believe that? This imaginary tyrant apparently wrote a book 1400 years ago he speaks to them through.  To top it all off, the imaginary character appointed an illiterate bitter orphan the status of the human they should All aspire to be.

I was 2-7 years old playing with imaginary friends. These people are 10-100 giving legitimacy to a tyrant from their imagination, talking to it five times a day. How does mainstream society not see this as absolute lunacy?

No matter how theology scholars enjoy romanticizing religion, it’s a form of perpetual human infantilization.

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One thought on “The Imaginary Friend of Faithful Muslims (Or Captor?)

  1. Yeah, but not true islam though, right? /sarcasm

    Wherever there is Islam, there is intolerance. But its never islams fault.


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