Episode 23: Chat With Ex-Muslim Awesta Khalid

Below is my chat with Awesta Khalid.  He has been a former believer for ten years and has recently begun to speak out on behalf of Ex-Muslims.

You can find Awesta’s information below:



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One thought on “Episode 23: Chat With Ex-Muslim Awesta Khalid

  1. Why are Qadiyanis more peaceful than other muslims?

    Compared to the Sunnis, Qadiyanis are far more peaceful.

    – Aren’t involved in terrorism related activities
    – Don’t talk about hating other religious sects and groups
    – Progressive in many other ways too
    – Don’t think apostates must be killed
    – Represents muslims positively (Khizr Khan and his son for example are/were qadiyanis)

    Is it because Ahmadiyat has had it’s reform? I think it’s safe to say that if majority of muslims were Ahmadis and not Sunnis, Islam would have had a far better reputation world over. And the muslim world would have been faring better than it is now. Yet, most muslims don’t want to associate with them. Then again, most muslims don’t even realize (nor care about) the huge pr problem Islam has. Islam isn’t perceived as a very peaceful, nor good, religion currently, and to think this has nothing to do with how a huge portion of sunni muslims behave around the world, is being blind to facts.

    Sunnis have far more to learn from qadiyanis than vice versa, but are sunnis willing to acknowledge this? Most probably not, because it’s far more important to declare qadiyanis kaafir, than to acknowledge that those who you deem kaafirs are actually projecting a better picture of your religion than you are. Somehow people are convinced that god could have talked to an Arab (Mohammed) but not an Indian (Mirza Ahmad).


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