Predicting The Regressive Left’s Response to the OSU Attacks

Earlier today a young man named Abdul Razak Artan attacked civilians in the Ohio State University Campus.  He attacked and injured 9 people with a butcher knife before he was killed by the Police.  As of this moment, the authorities are still investigating whether it was an act of terrorism.

I came across this captioned photo of Abdul in social media.


Update: He was an Islamist.

The ideology of Radical Islam affected him.  It’s extremely clear that he was a religious man.  How would the Regressive Left and Islam apologists respond? (Before continuing, please read the caption of the photo above.)

  • In his statement above, Abdul spoke about the stigma of Muslim prayer in public especially in a climate where media causes Islam to have certain negative connotations.  The regressive left will say “media radicalized him and made him internalize the notion that Muslims are terrorists. This was internalized oppression caused by the media.”
  • He could not pray publicly at will, therefore he felt his culture was being marginalized.  Let’s encourage inclusion of Muslim culture in college campuses and allow public prayer
    • (The Muslim Student Association of some university, probably OSU, will hold public prayer and liberals will praise this valiant effort.  Vox, AJ+, Fusion, NowThis, or some other progressive media will make a video of it with friendly background music and say “wow how great.”)
  • “Islam is a religion of peace.”
  • As a Muslim immigrant he felt marginalized by Donald Trump’s anti Muslim immigration rhetoric. He saw that majority of the United States voted for Donald Trump therefore he felt like an enemy to the USA. THIS IS DONALD TRUMP’S FAULT! #NOTMYPRESIDENT
  • This isn’t radical Islam.  It’s toxic masculinity.
  • Why is it that if this were a white non Muslim man media would say it’s mental health and if it’s a Muslim they automatically think terrorism?  (It’s a fair question leading up to confirmations of radical Islam.  But they will ask this even after radical Islam is confirmed like Sana Saeed does here.)
  • *Keeps Focus solely on Anti Muslim bigotry backlash rather than Islamism the ideology

These are predictable responses by the Regressive Left.  If within the next week, I am incorrect about this prediction, I will write an article saying so and express pleasant surprise.  I will write an article compiling articles proving I am correct as well.

Isn’t it just amazing how the regressive left’s defense of Islam (the religion) is so predictable at this point?

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One thought on “Predicting The Regressive Left’s Response to the OSU Attacks

  1. Muslims have failed to revise, reform and modernize Islam. Which is why it has now become a dangerously outdated religion that is causing a lot of harm for a lot of people. It takes courage to acknowledge that, but most prefer to stay in their comfort zone and point the finger at everything else but what is heavily inspiring “terorists”, “extremists” and “fundamentalists” to do what they do.

    It starts with indoctrinating children to believe that the religion they inherit from you is the one and only true religion, and followers of other religions are kaafirs/infidels/dirty because they don’t happen to follow your religion. Then ends with people stabbing, burning and blowing up those infidels because they were conspiring against the one true religion. Critical thinking is lacking in most muslim societies, which is why most don’t dare honestly challenge root cause for concepts such as jizya, wife beatings, killing and dying in the name of god, blasphemy/apostasy laws etc.

    Islam is a complete failure today, yet it is somehow revealed by an omniscient god, suuuuuure.


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