God’s Moral Inconsistencies When You Pray For Syrian Civilians



(In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind.)


Over the past few days in the Syrian conflict, the Syrian Government’s forces have become more aggressive in their attacks on the rebel forces in Aleppo.  The plight of civilians these attacks have caused has caused global outrage.  There are the theists who have asked everybody to #Prayforsyria because that somehow helps. While the criticism of praying for innocent victims is usually “it doesn’t do anything to help the problem” that is not what we’ll discuss here.  We are going to discuss the morality behind who it is people are praying to: God.


In this image, both of these religious advisers have their hearts in the right place.  We would agree with both of them on the humanist concerns behind the Syrian conflict.  The incident Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi described was indeed tragic.  What a terrible ordeal for a man to go through, to have to contemplate murdering his wife and daughter to prevent them from having to go through the suffering of being captured and raped in war.

Khalid Lataf responded to this by inviting everybody to his prayer gathering.  Here is the issue with that.  Praying is speaking into the air in hopes that a character of your imagination who apparently controls all of existence and knows all hears you, and intervene in your concerns.  That does nothing to help the incident at hand.

Let’s dig deeper than this usual criticism.  These theists are praying to Allah (God), a being they believe is the All knowing Creator of all existence.  They believe Allah has the capacity to and will intervene in the Syrian conflict and save innocent civilians from being brutalized.

Let’s assume that Islamic belief is the absolute truth of existence.  Then Allah would be supremely responsible for the Syrian crises as well as every other good or bad occurrence, small or large throughout the history of existence.  Allah created Hell, Satan, and humans knowing there would be moral crises and suffering of mass populations.  That means Allah was aware of the holocaust, Aleppo attacks, and countless other incidents where human beings have suffered.

Allah created existence knowing all this would happen.  Is Allah not to blame for the suffering of humans?

If a child were being sexually abused, and I were standing idly by with complete ability to stop the aggressor, I would and should be held accountable.  I would be consenting to the aggression towards the child through consent and inaction while knowing.

If Allah the seer of all that happens, the most merciful, the most kind, watches a young child get abused and does not intervene, he is prayed to for the child’s recovery and the safety of other children in the world.

Think of all the horrid things that happened to societies and individuals throughout history.  Just think about it for a second.  And imagine one being who could stop it all was watching this whole time.

Theists are free to believe in the existence of Allah, even if I may disagree and criticize it.  But if they believe in Allah, they should hold him responsible for passively consenting to human suffering.  Instead the theist will say “God works in mysterious ways,” or “this is all a test by God.”

Of course, passing the test would mean loving God despite your suffering.  If you don’t love God for lack of intervention while your child was kidnapped and trafficked to pedophile rings, you are bound for eternal torturing.  That’s right: “love me no matter what or suffer worse after you die.” That’s the dynamic. Merciful my ass.

If the child were getting abused and I were testing whether the child would still love me even after getting abused by another before my eyes, I would be considered a cruel and very disturbed human being.  Why is God not given the same moral standards?  We’re talking about someone who can literally do anything.

If their God were real, he would be able to fix all problems in an instant.  He is also responsible for such atrocities because he created the world, Satan, and humans knowing all this would happen.

Theists asking everybody to pray to God in light of these crises is…. to put it in simpler words: silly.

Why does the theist excuse this all-powerful tyrant from these moral convictions?  Is morality not applicable to God?  If morality is not applicable to God, then how is he called the “most kind” by Muslims.  That title implies he has positive moral convictions.  But if he has positive moral convictions and is kind, wouldn’t the kindness of an all powerful deity be useful in times of extreme suffering?

The man from the earlier image asked if he can kill his wife or sister to prevent them from being raped by military forces.  Can’t God just demolish the military forces or better yet, abolish Satan who corrupts the hearts of man?  God could.  But he won’t.  Because of his larger scheme of things: testing us for heaven and hell. If the man in the scenario does something to benefit his family that God doesn’t like, he’s bound for more torture after he dies.

Allahu Akbar is a phrase we commonly hear.  It means God is great.  This is one of the most mentioned phrases in Islamic theology.  The question is: is Allah great?

Of course, the theist prays during crisis based on an emotional need.  They feel out of control of the situation therefore they project the sense of responsibility and hope to an all powerful deity they believe in.  I do respect their right to do so.

In my worldview I do not care to hold God accountable because he doesn’t exist.  The reason I am writing this is to present how theists believe in God without holding the same God responsible for everything (good and bad) morally accountable.  This is internalized tyranny of the imagination by the masses.  It reminds me an awful lot of brainwashed civilian masses in tyrannical regimes that don’t dare to question their leader.  The moral inconsistencies in both real and imaginary forms of tyranny are very similar.

I would like to end this with the translation of the first chapter of the Quran: Surah al Fatihah.

In The Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Kind.

All Praise is to be Allah, lord of the worlds

The Most Merciful, The Most Kind

Owner of the Day of Judgment

You alone we worship, you alone we ask for guidance

Show us the straight path

The path of those whom you have favored

Not the path who have evoked your anger or the path of those who have led astray.




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2 thoughts on “God’s Moral Inconsistencies When You Pray For Syrian Civilians

  1. I was going to ask whether or not the woman thinks that dying at the hands of her husband is better than being raped. But then I realized that its likely that she will either a) be killed by her rapists or b) be killed for being raped. Well, b) might not be true. Either way, its probably not a choice between rape or death. More like death or rape and death. 😦

    As far as the praying, im sure everyone on all sides has people praying.


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