Episode 30: Chat With Yasmeena Ali On Being Ex-Muslim, Nude Modeling, and Escaping Honor Culture


In the video below is my chat with Yasmeena Ali.  Yasmeena is a feminist who is an erotic nude model, atheist, vegan, and a photographer.  We discuss her childhood transitioning from Taliban Afghanistan to the United Kingdom; leaving Islam; becoming an Ex-Muslim; death threats from family; hijabi porn; sensuality versus sexuality, etc.  It was a wonderful conversation.

Full video:



The full video was also cut into smaller clips.  If you want to watch parts of the video but do not have time, be sure to click on any of the links below.


Yasmeena’s Model Photo Links

Throughout the chat we reference various photo works of Yasmeena’s (Warning: Female nudity/NSFW)


Yasmeena’s Links From Intro

In the video intro Yasmeena discusses her frustrations with Islam’s effects on politics and practice.  There are a few links referenced.  Here they are:


Follow And Support Yasmeena


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