Milo Yiannopolous Uses Anti-Left Tribalism To Boost Trump Support


Common Frustrations With Leftists

Throughout the past eight years, social justice culture in the left has truly grown.  Identity politics became the go-to discussion on social grievances.  Discussions on what you are instead of who you are became a widely accepted standard for political discussion eligibility.  If you were white you were obligated to call out white guilt in every political discussion, because apparently politics revolves only around identities and nothing else.

Culturally insensitive Halloween costumes became a cause for political protests and getting a teacher fired.  After every terror attack, you were supposed to do whatever you can to exempt Islam from blame, because that will prevent anti-Muslim bigotry.  If you dare to discuss the theological plausibility of Islamism, you were called a racist.

While young millennials engaged in these causes, the rest of the country watched.  The rest of millennials watched and they were not happy that these left wing millennials represent their generation.  They were not happy that their race and genitals determine their ability to have an intelligent conversation rather than their ideas.  They were tired of hearing you can’t be racist against white people because #whiteguilt.  They watched this grow.  Oh they watched, all right.

And then came to their college campuses a miracle, a kryptonite to this madness.  A conservative gay man from the United Kingdom.  “Wow!  A gay conservative!”, the young conservative thinks.  “It’s so good to move Republicans away from being from the party that hates gays.”  This man’s name is Milo Yiannopoulos.

Brief Explanation Of Social Justice Warrior Mindset

In case you haven’t known, I used to think like a “social justice warrior.”  I would infuse identity politics into every intellectual discussion and feel intelligent about it.  I would tell different people where they stand in the oppression/privileged spectrum.

There are a lot of things to say about the Social Justice mindset.  But to sum it up: everything is divided into oppressor and oppressed.  Those who learn about social justice learn to critique our culture, language, history, politics etc. and find smaller symptoms that lead to larger oppressive trends.  They become all too aware of the dark side of American history (Native American Displacement, Enslavement of Blacks, Jim Crow, War on Drugs/Crime, Imperialism, etc.)

The trick in maintaining this mindset is to find oppression in everything and always ask yourself “who’s missing out in this scenario literally or symbolically?”  Ask yourself these questions, and you have the social justice formula.

There are many genuine causes in social justice that can be defended.  However, most of the discussions revolve around how people feel rather than what is objectively going on.  The victimized feelings would be put on a pedestal and entire movements can be created over a girl crying in class.  When asked to defend their positions in disagreement, Social Justice Warriors see no room for disagreement with their positions.  They are right and that’s it.

When you are aware of this frame of thought and how to identify oppression in smaller trends, you are “woke.”  This means you are woken up from the brainwashed masses who give into the system, and your awareness causes you to find different ways to resist this conformity.

When you speak about views that fit outside of the social justice mindset which prioritizes helping empower marginalized identities, you are seen as “not woke,” and giving into the oppression.  It is a strange mix of such an absolute view with moral relativism (if you’re oppressed “your truth” is valid no matter what).

Milo’s Appeal: “Being Blunt”

Milo Yiannopoulos is a far-right wing pundit who is affiliated with Breitbart.  He goes into college campuses to speak about political and cultural trends.  Often times there has been a Breitbart camera crew with him filming the event.  Milo likes to focus on the social justice left and the left’s defense of Islam.

Milo goes on stage and he expresses very conservative opinions.  He does it in a way that’s purposely offensive and provocative.  His audience is not used to someone speaking in such a politically incorrect manner on their campus, so they find great joy in being around that expression.  He constantly makes fun of feminists and the social justice left.  He will openly say outrageous things like “I don’t believe in lesbians.”  (As in, female-female love/sexuality is not natural.)

In many of Milo’s events there are young Social Justice Warriors screaming, shouting, protesting.  They all shout “RACIST! HATE SPEECH!”  You see, these are young college students who just learned about social justice.  At this age, it can be frustrating to learn about the dark side of society and who loses out on access to prosperity.  After seeing someone have a platform and say things that contribute to oppression in their view, they feel it is a moral responsibility to act.  This is why they do what they can to suppress these ideas because it’s evil ideas in their eyes.  They see themselves as good heroes fighting against evil.

Some Examples

  • Last year in Rutgers University, feminists got up from their seats, started shouting at Milo, and poured fake blood all over themselves as a demonstrative act.
  • In Depaul University, Milo said microaggressions are called micro-aggressions because they’re so small you can’t see them and they don’t exist.  After this some Black Lives Matter protesters disrupted the event by whistling and storming the stage.  They would not leave the stage.  The event had to be cancelled.  Even though the organizers paid a large fee for security expenses, security stood idly by and let the protesters ruin the integrity of the event.  Milo then led the large audience to storm to the college administrative offices and confront them about this unfairness.  The administration never let him in their building.
  • In University of California: Los Angeles, Milo shared the stage with Internet talk show host Dave Rubin.  They were having a critical discussion on the left wing social issues, namely free speech.  Two girls got up and shouted “this is hate speech!”  When asked to address Milo’s points, all they shouted was “I HATE YOU!”

Milo’s And Rubin On Stage; A Dissection

In the video above Milo shares a stage with Dave Rubin.  Throughout the entire talk Milo constantly speaks in terms of political tribalism.  He is constantly slandering the left and makes fun of Dave for identifying as a liberal.  Dave joins Milo in criticizing the left in relation to free speech/political correctness.  Milo eventually tells Dave that the problem with the left is his fault because he is a liberal.  It starts to seem like Dave is Milo’s poster child liberal that he gets to make fun of on stage for being liberal.  This becomes a clever way to make the left look fragile in front of an audience of young college aged conservatives, many of whom are about to vote for the first time.

Around 1:19:00, the activists start to make their appearances known. The activists just scream and shout “this is hate speech” and do not debate Milo head on.  They feel self righteous and like they are doing a heroic deed while the rest of the crowd is annoyed and laughs them off.  This is when it is even more embarrassing for Dave Rubin to identify as a liberal.

Throughout the entire video Milo was talking about how the left is the biggest oppressor to American free speech.  The girls protesting simply fulfilled his audience’s willingness to believe that narrative and was extremely convenient.

After painting the political environment as “evil leftists taking over the world”, Milo starts to brag about Donald Trump.  Around the 1:34:00 mark of the video Milo says Donald Trump is the greatest existential threat to the left and their tendency to bully others with name calling and slander.  In this moment he created an enemy: the left, and made the Trump supporters feel like fighters against this cause.  One can say, he was amassing troops for his “ideological warfare” against the left.

Around the 1:37:00 mark of the video Milo corners Dave into endorsing Donald Trump.  Under a lot of pressure, and overwhelmed by all the anti-leftist discussions as well as leftists being disruptive to the event, Dave was thrown off guard.  This was when he was most vulnerable because it was not cool to be a liberal.

Dave was completely evasive and did not answer Milo’s question directly.  This showed the audience that the case against voting for Trump is a weak one if the designated liberal on stage can’t present a good case against his candidacy.  It doesn’t help that the other left wingers around are just shouting “hate speech” either.

Some interesting observations: around 1:41:00 Milo and Dave contemplate what to talk about.  They entertain the idea of talking about Islam but someone in the audience shouts “rape culture!”  This signifies that people certainly enjoy watching Milo debunk left wing feminists’ ideas and see him as a necessary “agent of intellectualism” against their fetishization of victimhood.

Calculated Outrage And Victimhood Narrative

Milo purposely says provocative and offensive things to get a reaction out of the college leftists.  Notice how he seldom selects an age group older than college age because the theatrics of his events is both readily available and enjoyed by the young adults.  It is entertaining to watch.  He is far less likely to go to an event with an older age group, because it is the immature leftists he wants to provoke.

Around 1:39:00 of the aforementioned video Milo has stated that “Young people have grown up for twenty-thirty years in oppressive environment telling them they’re racist.” Even here, he is taking the social justice narrative of oppressor versus oppressed and flipping it.  He is making his followers the victims that he stands up for, against “those smear campaigning leftists.”  But just take a look at how the narrative is being spun.  If you are called racist, you are being oppressed.

Every time Milo gets silenced in these events, or through his permanent Twitter ban, he is made to look like a martyr for free speech.  It fulfills his conspiratorial claims that the left is inherently authoritarian and against liberty.  His following goes up.  So when left wing extremists riot against Milo and cause destruction at UC Berkeley, he is made to be a martyr.  The left, the side that stands up for minorities, equality and progress, is made to look bad.

Trump’s Ground Game

There is an angle people are not discussing that’s been really bothering me.  That is how calculated and tactical Milo’s visits to college campuses are for Donald Trump’s ideological ground game.

Ever noticed that many of Milo’s college events have a camera crew sponsored by Breitbart News?  The camera crew is there to capture everything, including the protests against Milo.

What do we know about Breitbart?  Were they really sponsoring Milo’s tour for free speech?  Or were they Trump’s strategy on reaching out to millennials?

Did they convince millennial liberals who were frustrated with leftists to vote for Trump?

We also know that one of Breitbart’s top executives is Steve Bannon, Trump’s top adviser both in his campaign and his presidency.

Milo Y’s campus visits intentionally provoke leftists to make Donald Trump’s side look like an appealing alternative.  Milo helped make the Trump brand the pro free speech brand for millennials.  He used this narrative to successfully latch on to Dave Rubin’s following, who were at one point mostly liberals frustrated with the left.

And the funds for many of these ideological initiatives were certainly approved, if not initiated, by Steve Bannon and Breitbart, the Trump Engine. If you think of it all like a business decision: it was an investment. Breitbart won’t sponsor a college tour just because. They need a return on their investment. What would their return be? Brand awareness, site traffic, larger following, and increased ideological influence.

In my observations, Milo Yiannopolous is one of the most under-rated campaigners for Donald Trump.  And Steve Bannon’s ideological groundwork was tactical brilliance.  I may not be fond of these two individuals, but I can appreciate good political strategy when I see it.

Advice To The Left

Looting and shouting at Milo’s events won’t cut it.  While college aged activists display youthful excitement in these protests, we can’t endorse this.  It’s a bad idea for the left to stand in solidarity with protests such as the recent rioting in UC Berkeley.  Why?

For starters, the UC Berkeley incident turned Milo into a martyr that gets coverage in the mainstream media.  This fuels his martyr’s complex and makes his ideological opponents look weak.

If we stand in solidarity with anti-Milo protesters, we are made to look like the side of identity politics fascists.  And when real criticisms of Donald Trump do come out, they are easily deflected by him as “typical left wing crying.”

Don’t treat Milo like “a fringe right winger”, because his boss Steve Bannon is in the White House and Breitbart’s brand awareness is on the rise because of him.

Engage Milo’s ideas.  He will provide statistics and a few facts and lace them into an “anti leftist narrative.”

That’s where you come in.  Debunk his bad ideas.  Write articles.  Don’t just call him a racist but make the case that he’s factually inaccurate pundit who provokes for the sake of provoking.  Spread your factual ideas into his circles and engage in debate.  Milo’s supporters aren’t all white supremacists, but a large population of them actually appreciate debate/intellectual exchange just as I do.  Challenge the narrative.

Resorting to disruptive behavior against his events will give him a martyr’s status.  The left will be made to look untrustworthy.  And criticism against President Donald Trump will be quickly dismissed by those outside of your left wing echo chamber.

If you want good ideas to be the norm over bad ideas, make it happen.  Convince others.

Knowing how the world is, not many will read this article.  A great deal of leftists who will actually read this will label it as “respectability politics.”  I will be told that I am privileged because I am “talking down” to marginalized leftists about their resistance. They will tell me intellectual exchange is for the priviliged elite, not the working class. Even though in today’s world just about anybody can make a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr etc for free. And most people do use these tools. But somehow intelligent exchange through these mediums is “privileged.” Right.

As my sincere feedback is dismissed with ad hominem fallacies and hyper sensitivity, this will happen:
Milo will purposely do another event, this time maybe at New York University or another left leaning university.  He will be met with protests and character attacks. His martyrdom narrative is fulfilled and popularity soars.  And everything I say will go repeat in a circle.

My friends on the left never really learn. They just double down on their resistance narrative. Hopefully my projections on their stubbornness around constructive criticism is inaccurate.

And if my projections are correct: then the left is cannibalizing itself.

Don’t let that happen.

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9 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopolous Uses Anti-Left Tribalism To Boost Trump Support

  1. Very well written. I just hope more folks read this and take your message into consideration the next time they support Black Bloc folks rioting.


  2. As a former and reformed Milo fan (I loved that he annoyed over sensitive liberals as much as they annoyed me), I think this article is absolutely spot on. The mindsets of both the liberals and conservatives that are involved in this decadent fringe of politics are perfectly captured and clarified here, and the suggested recourse is probably the only real way to limit it from doing any more damage than it has already done.


  3. Like everything that the indignant right spouts, there are too many logical fallacies to enumerate, and too much bullshit encapsulating those fallacies to unravel.

    And so I challenge you unreleased Microsoft project……..



  4. This is quite eye opening. I think you hit the nail on the head with your comment “I may not be fond of these two individuals, but I can appreciate good political strategy when I see it.”

    I think when the entire situation is looked from this lens it begins to clarify why Breitbart is investing so much in these college tours, and why Milo is putting himself out there like this.

    To be honest I find myself struggling to reach a rational balance between denouncing some of the vile things espoused by Milo and his colleagues and also addressing them head on. Your article did irk me at some points because of the uncomfortable truth about the far left’s tactical response to Trumpism. However, I can’t help but be appreciative of the article; due to the rational and sound way in which you discuss your points.

    You’ve certainly made a fan out of me, I look forward to further posts.


    1. Hi Aeon. Thank you so much for your supportive comment. Readers like you are why I wrote: to spread awareness on different angles of political/cultural trends.

      What’s funny is when people disagree with this article, they tend to have an ANTI SJW bias. They say “what about the left shutting down events? you’re infusing a conspiracy theory.”

      I’m really not. It’s not too far fetched to view breitbart like a politicized business because they are… well politically biased media that do generate profits. They even sell T Shirts on being Anti-leftist. And the anti-leftist narrative is very helpful to Trumpism.

      The reason why ANTI Sjw types are defensive in seeing my article is because it basically tells them they’ve been conned by a large business which they don’t want to admit and is inconvenient to their narrative of “Social Justice warriors taking over america.” They don’t see how believing in an exaggerated view of “the dangers of social justice warriors” (from seeing only viral videos of college kids/professors being crybabies about “hate speech”) is a result of at least minor forms of indoctrination. This is not to say Social Justice left doesn’t have flaws. They certainly do and I hope you see I understand their mindset quite well. But right now they’re NOT the worst villain in America. The growing nationalism in response to them is. It’s about to get really really bad.

      So if you want to follow me, there’s a follow button on the bottom right of the screen in my website. This gives you email updates of when I post a new article and I’m on your wordpress feed if you have wordpress. You can also follow me on Facebook at or

      I also have a Youtube Channel: Secular Brownie

      All the links are usually in my articles. There’s a patreon (fundraising) site too, but your money isn’t my first priority. Your readership/viewership is 🙂

      So yeah thanks for the support and don’t forget to follow me on social media. I do look forward to hearing your thoughts on what I just said regarding Anti SJW Bias.


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