How Islam Apologist Leftists May Respond To Bill Maher/Sam Harris Discussing Islam




In the video below, Bill Maher and Sam Harris have met again on Real Time With Bill Maher.


They discuss the effect of Islam on American political discourse.  They discuss how because the burqa is a form of slut shaming/victim blaming, liberals should not normalize it.  Sam Harris also insists that western liberals should support the work of liberal, reformist, and ex-Muslim dissidents in the Muslim world.  They discuss why liberals are scared to discuss Islam critically for being a racist and how that empowers the Trump appeal.  They even get into Linda Sarsour and her tweets deflecting Saudi Arabia from criticism, promoting Sharia Law, and publcily fantasizing about removing Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s vagina. (#womensmarch #Imarchwithlinda)

To sum it up: both Bill Maher and Sam Harris argued that Islam needs to be discussed in order to face the necessary reforms and end religious extremism.  The left isn’t discussing it which gives full monopoly of Islam discussions to the new right wing nationalism.  They seriously need to get their shit together.


Left Wing Apologists Reactions

There is a part of the Western left wing that is very protective of Islam against any form of criticism.  How would they respond?

I wrote an article earlier on how to be a successful left wing Muslim apologist.  Let’s apply those exact tools to our upcoming projections.  I highly advise you read that article before you continue reading.

Now, I must change characters.  I shall change from “The Secular Brownie, Ex-Muslim Atheist” To “The Social Justice Brownie; Woke Muslim American.”

Oh my god this is so stupid.  How come two white men are on national TV talking about Islam?  They are whitesplaining, better yet kuffarsplaining Islam.  Sam Harris, as a white man, needs to check his privilege.  He has no business telling ME  and MY FAMILY that WE need reform.  As if these are white colonizers telling us savages to “be civil.”

These two white men are truly Islamophobes who are hiding their Islamophobia by paying lip service to the “anti-Trump bandwagon.”  Well no.  They are not welcome to our movement because they are Islamophobic and we stand for Islam.

They have no business talking for 1.6 billion Muslims because they’re white.  They have no experience what it’s like being Muslim.  It’s enough that we have a white man telling us where we can or can not go, a white man shooting Muslims in a mosque in Quebec, and now two white men talking shit about OUR religion on national TV.  

The Islamophobia industry must be thriving under Donald Trump.  I now fear for my family’s safety, thanks to Sam Harris and Bill Maher on their Islamophobic propaganda.

Okay back to being myself: “The Secular Brownie.”  Did you miss me?

If this interview goes viral (which it most likely will), you will hear many of these sentiments.  Extreme identity politics will be infused into the criticism against Sam Harris/Bill Maher.  The argument against what they said is the fact that they’re white males rather than a theological defense.  In fact the best theological defense they may give is “Sam Harris reads the Quran out of context.”

I shouldn’t have to explain why talking about their white maleness is illogical and unhealthy.  But in today’s climate, I unfortunately have to.  Ideas and opinions cross boundaries and are open for discussion, criticism, and mockery.  Stop attacking arguments based on the race and gender of those arguing it.

More articles may come out saying Islam is a religion of peace.  Expect websites like MuslimGirl to write at least one article similar to the excerpt above.  Oh and let’s not forget: saying “I’m a Muslim woman.  I wear hijab.  I am empowered and independent.  The Islam I know is feminist because it gave Khadija rights.  I strive to be like Khadija.  These white men can’t tell me I’m oppressed.”

Of course this imaginary Muslim feminist doesn’t realize that she unknowingly disregards the misogyny in Islamic scriptures.  Though she may have the privilege to have a disingenuous reading of scriptures there are many women who face real misogyny because Islam codifies it.

If this video becomes popularly viewed more women may wear the hijab and take selfies for social media as a symbolic response to this video.  Because that’s what true feminism apparently is these days. You wear a garment meant to prevent you from sexually corrupting men and maintain your “feminine purity” in order to respond to “those evil white men.”  Yep… #Feminism

The left will look foolish if they really continue to villainize Sam Harris and Bill Maher, people who consciously try to separate Muslim people and criticizing the religious ideas of their holy books.

The projections I just mentioned only happen if I’m right.  There is a scenario where I could be wrong.  I am human after all.  I’m not perfect.  Let’s explore:

Maybe the left will learn so much from this conversation it opens up a broader dialogue.  They begin to include the likes of Faisal Saeed Al Mutar and Sarah Haider in their movements.  They begin to have a more honest discussion on Islam and seek to empower the Left Wing of the Muslim world (Reformers, Liberals, Ex-Muslims).  

As a result of this open dialogue: Muslims become more willing to have a critical discussion on the effects of Islam on society and do some community-wide reflection.  Maybe then the ideas of radical Islam won’t be taken as seriously, because Islam as an imperfect religion becomes a widespread sentiment in the Muslim world.

That scenario only exists if I’m wrong.  Let’s hope I am wrong.  If I’m right, then I may have to say this again:

The Left is cannibalizing itself and this needs to stop.



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6 thoughts on “How Islam Apologist Leftists May Respond To Bill Maher/Sam Harris Discussing Islam

  1. The Regressive Left doesn’t deal with this issue honestly. Being an apologist helps nobody and just is another way to virtue signal moral high ground. We need to have real honest conversations about this issue without labeling people racists and bigots.


  2. What you don’t consider is the misogyny that you describe in the Muslim scripture might just be a reality that you want to deny. Islam addresses reality and talks to both parties. I do cover up as a Muslim woman and I expect men to not stare, harass me, or molest me. I don’t have to cover up and men still don’t have a right to do any of those things to me. But it happens. And when I wasn’t muslim. I was spiritual and I went out drinking and dressed in nice attractive clothing that accentuated my body because I wanted to be noticed, I sure as hell was molested and abused by men. Covering up doesn’t prevent all the abuse but it is much more limited. Islam is about rights and responsibilities and is a pathway for creating safety for individuals, families, and communities. I’m really tired of white men and disenfranchised Muslims and ex Muslims trying to tell me about my religion. It’s my choice and it works for me.


    1. Just because it makes you feel good, doesn’t make it good. Nor does it debunk how misogynistic the scriptures are. You’re saying “I chose it because it works for me and I won’t hear any criticisms” is really just showing your own denial and use of ideology as an emotional crutch. But OK, I should shut up because of your feelings. How smart


      1. It’s not about my feelings. I’m saying it is completely logical. I’m willing to hear the criticisms but I haven’t heard anything to debunk because you are generalizing saying the scripture is misogynistic. No it isn’t? So let me offer you some detail to support your claim. Men can marry 4 women. In some circumstances it could be appropriate like if there is one man left in a war zone and to repopulate the world. It doesn’t work for me and won’t subject myself to a marriage like that so it was part of my marriage contract. Marry me and there will be no other wives. Yes. I can do that. I also agreed to be the provider initially because I had a good job and my husband was still in school. I could do that also even though it is supposed to be his responsibility according to the law. There are exceptions and flexibility. You try treating 4 partners equally. Can’t do it? It’s a sin. That guy is screwed. Some say human nature and the fact it gives women rights instead of men having multiple lovers and none have rights when relationships end. Alimony times 4? Might discourage a sensible man. Some women don’t want to deal with a man full time and like their independence. They don’t mind sending him off to another family as long as he pays the bills. I’m starting to get that. It’s illegal in US though so makes it illegal for any Muslims who live here. 2. Four female witnesses equivalent to two male. What is that saying about me as a woman? Am I less reliable than a male? Less trustworthy? I’m not sure. Let’s come back to it. 3. No original sin. No Eve is weak thing or only part of a man. Women are whole people addressed directly by God in scripture. Independent without a man. Not considered property. Maintain our identity and family name upon marriage. Deserving of education. Extra blessings for educating your daughters. Women can work in all the same jobs as men (except Imam?). Women have more compassion than men naturally. We get more flexibility about requirements because we have periods and give birth to children (it’s biologically a fact- men don’t have periods and give birth). Hmmm. So we are different and have different rules and responsibilities based on our biology and natural strengths? Well then, maybe that’s related to the witness thing and everything else you consider misogynistic. I’m not in denial. See I’m a logical thinker. I left Christianity because ‘have faith’ wasn’t a good enough answer for me. And logically the creed made no sense. Islams creed makes sense and I have seen enough proofs to convince me Quran is direct speech from God that has never been changed. Not one letter since it’s revelation. I don’t understand the reason behind everything but I trust it. The leeway is the laws specifically are subject to interpretation based on circumstances they were revealed and subtleties in language and my culture and circumstances. And only a qualified scholar who has an authentic degree who also understands me and my culture can advise me on the laws. Some laws more clear and universal. No alcohol. No murder. No fornicating. No disrespecting parents. I don’t know why I can’t eat pork but it’s not a big deal to me. I won’t eat it. If I accidentally eat it, I’m also not going to throw a fit. That’s not a big deal. Other things like that I can only marry a muslim man, I get a scholarly opinion and I want an explanation. About being a witness, Not a big deal. What is a big deal is that none of the men in the room can treat me like I’m a second class citizen. A lot of the cultural crap that immigrants bring with them and that is ingrained in American culture? Completely misogynistic. When interpreted through a biased cultural lens the religion takes the flavor of the culture and sometimes it warps the ideals of the religion to no longer resemble true Islam. These would be called innovations. They are sinful and scholars bear the weight of them but they happen giving birth to misguided Muslims everywhere. I try to avoid it by being selective about who I ask for advice and remembering to use my logic and common sense (also from God).


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