Things Faithful Muslims Say To Ex Muslims [COMPLETE LIST]

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When you are a Muslim critical of Islam, or the next stage: an Ex Muslim; there are many ignorant things Faithful Muslims may say.

In Ex-Muslim Online spaces, I asked users what are some common things Muslims say to Ex-Muslims?  The results were overwhelming.  Many different people came in saying common things with different wording, and finding ways to relate to one another overall.  I posted every single comment word for word, So keep in mind these are comments directly out of an online forum type discussion.  Also note that some things were repeated by different people in different wording, but I kept them here anyway to emphasize how common some misconceptions are.

I grouped some of the remarks together that were very close in theme.  After pasting all this, I decided: I am going to write posts addressing some of the larger misconceptions attributed…

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How Much Time Do Muslims Waste Praying?

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The Secular Brownie

(Copied and Pasted from my previous site)

I have lived my whole life as your average American.  I would listen to music; watch movies; socialize; play video games; play sports etc. All common behaviors.  All these social activities would be hit with an interruption.

Pause. We gotta pray

Time would be wasted on prayer.  After the prayer finishes, the momentum of the basketball game, video game played, even the emotional momentum we have when watching films, would get interrupted for 5-10 minutes of bullshit where a man in front mumbles Arabic and we have to follow his lead.

n00021501-bBrief Explanation of Prayer

There are five mandated prayers a day:

Fajr: sunrise (Average length: 5 minutes)

Zuhr: noon (Average length: 15 minutes)

Asr: shortly before sunset (Average length: 5 minutes)

Maghrib: sunset (Average length: 10 Minutes)

Isha: night (Average length: 15 minutes)

Total length of prayer for day: 50 minutes/day

Most of the…

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The Sad Inevitability of Discussion on Belgium

The AtheFist


If sensible people don’t have a sensible discussion, stupid people will have a stupid one.

The conversations and stories after these all-too-common terrorism attacks are also all too common. They’re chillingly similar to the conversations that follow school shootings in America. On the one hand you have people so deep in denial they could be extras in The Mummy. On the other you have people simplistically blaming.

When it comes to the problem of Islamic terrorism, what follows these events is just as tiresomely predictable. On the one hand you have people deep in denial that Islam is part of the problem, who will not even countenance that the ideology entangled with Islam be part of the discussion and who blame everything on the west in an orgy of self-flagellation. On the other you often do have the kind of paranoid ‘white supremacy’ lunatics and racists who latch on to…

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How much longer will we continue to ignore child abuse and corporal punishment in religious institutions?

Hey everybody read this personal account on Islamic school experience in British society and being subject to physical abuse/humiliation. I’ll write about my own experiences soon 🙂


At 5am this morning, I read this piece by an anonymous former pupil of an illegal ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in Hackney, and my blood has not stopped boiling since. Sadly, I am all too familiar with the experiences described in this article – physical beatings, beatings with sticks, and an emphasis on keeping problems within the community.

Luckily, I did not attend a religious secondary school, though this was not for lack of my parents trying. In fact, I myself went through a brief phase in secondary school where I begged my parents to let me go to a secondary school because I desperately wanted to learn more about the deen and felt this was best done by immersing myself in an Islamic environment. This was around the time I was beginning to grapple with my first doubts about Islam, and I was desperate to try to learn all I…

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