Observations of Muslim Misconceptions of Ex Muslims: The Internal Defense System of Faithful Muslims

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When you become indoctrinated into faith of religion and God in any way, you develop ways to defend that faith internally from skepticism.  You research highly knowledgeable preachers being asked the same tough questions Click to keep on reading!

Double Standards: Salon The Christophobe

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What is Salon.com

Salon is a liberal media outlet gaining popularity and has caught my attention recently.  They do well in speaking for victims and I greatly commend them for defending Muslims against bigotry in the Western societies.  Coming from a Muslim American family, I have been witness firsthand to many instances of Anti-Muslim bigotry, even against me.

For this, I am grateful to Salon.

Despite this appreciation, I must say this, Salon has been incredibly dishonest, unfair and biased when it comes to Islam, the doctrine of beliefs, the set of ideas of 1.6 billion people.  As a private organization, they are entitled to employ whichever narrative they see fit in their writing.  However, because their writing is slowly entering mainstream popularity it is our responsibility as readers to identify how problematic and unfair some of their patterns can be. Click to keep on reading!

How Allah is Represented in Spongebob Squarepants

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Hold up let me get this straight…

So Allah was lonely, created Jinn, Humans, Angels. Then Iblis stands up to his authority and was cast away.  He challenged God in a battle of wits that will go until the end of existence, over who can get more followers.  God then has Adam and Eve chilling in heaven and forbade them to eat a specific fruit… knowing that Iblis was lurking around there as a talking snake.  Eve ate it out of temptation.  God sent them to Earth where they and their offspring (the rest of humanity) will be tested by God and tempted by Iblis. Click to keep on reading!

What Would Muhammad Say to 21st century Muslims? Based on Multiple Views.

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How would Muhammad address Muslims if he were revived today?

Written below are simulations of different versions of Prophet Muhammad’s letters to 21st century human society.  Each version is based on how the different parts of the spectrum view him.

I have written from the perspectives of the following versions of Prophet Muhammad:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Progressive
  • Ex Muslim

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Shit Muslims Say To Ex Muslims [COMPLETE LIST]

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When you are a Muslim critical of Islam, or the next stage: an Ex Muslim; there are many ignorant things Faithful Muslims may say.

In Ex-Muslim online spaces, I asked users what are some common things Muslims say to Ex-Muslims?  The results were overwhelming.  Many different people came in saying common things with different wording, and finding ways to relate to one another overall.  I posted every single comment word for word, so keep in mind these are comments directly out of an online forum type discussion.  Also note that some things were repeated by different people in different wording, but I kept them here anyway to emphasize how common some misconceptions are.

I grouped some of the remarks together that were very close in theme. Click to keep on reading!

Family Observations: The Aggressive Indoctrination Processes of My Little Brothers

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As I grew out of religion, my parents became paranoid and fiercely religious as a result.  They over compensate by trying to aggressively brainwash my younger brothers.

Every day, my mother makes it obligatory for my brothers to learn Quranic Arabic from Nouman Ali Khan in the Bayyinah institute website, watch his lectures, listen to music such as Jae Deen, Karter Zaher, etc. recite extra dua, and she spends a lot of face to face time with them where she teaches them about Islam, their duties on this earth, Allah, etc. Click to keep on reading!

How Much Time Do Muslims Waste Praying?

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I have lived my whole life as your average American.  I would listen to music; watch movies; socialize; play video games; play sports etc. All common behaviors.  All these social activities would be hit with an interruption.

Pause. We gotta pray

Time would be wasted on prayer.  After the prayer finishes, the momentum of the basketball game, video game played, even the emotional momentum we have when watching films, would get interrupted for 5-10 minutes of bullshit where a man in front mumbles Arabic and we have to follow his lead. Click to keep on reading!

When Prophets Get High: Part 1

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I once overheard a Youtube video of Nouman Ali Khan preaching.  In the video he was speaking about the story of Prophet Musa (also known as Moses.)  He said how Moses went to the mountain alone one day and heard God speak to him.  He added a humane effect to Moses by making him a relatable character.  He asked the audience “imagine you heard voices in the dark, imagine the fright you’d feel” then went on to bring up how he pulls pranks on his students, relatives, children etc. (Of course, the preacher we can all relate to right?)  Nouman then brought this attention back to Moses and said he too felt fear, but it was God revealing himself; saying “I alone should be worshiped, become my slave, I am your owner” among other important details.

He utilized his signature technique: he told the story in a way that the audience can relate to it.  He spoke about the idea of being star struck when we see a celebrity; feelings that even he has when he meets with preachers he’s a fan of.  He then said “imagine you were speaking with Allah, the creator of the entire universe.”

So one of the key points of telling this story is how marvelous the Experience of Moses, a human being like you and me, is for having been introduced to God that way.  He would leave his family to go to the mountains to talk to God. Click to keep on reading!

Organized Religion: The Long List of Requirements for the Halal Lifestyle

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Organized Religion really has a way to invade one’s entire life.  People tend to go heads over heels over ancient texts to seek advice for their lives which take place way into the future in a time when these texts are outdated.

This is true for Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

The Following is a list of the detailed structure I was taught as a Muslim growing up.  Please keep in mind: I am a man, male.  Therefore I have different and possibly less rules than a woman would.  We will start from popularly known ones, to lesser known ones.  Here goes: Click to keep on reading!